Waking The Sheep In The White Nationalist Movement

With Donald J. Trump well into his first term of Presidency, people all over the world are shouting, “Nazi!” What has made the youth of America start to organize, politicize and evangelize? Was it Brexit? Was it the eight years of Obama’s “identity crisis,” or was it the explosion of violence against a certain demographic that no one is allowed to talk about?

I’m not talking about White Supremacy. I am not talking about Islamic Supremacy. I’m not even talking about Hillary Clinton and her glass ceiling. I am talking about decent, educated, Europeans all over the world finding their backbone. For me, it was the Brexit vote that kindled faith in the system again. I remember waking up and seeing the liberal news anchors screaming about “the old white vote” and I started to realize that there was definitely a race problem in the hearts of all people. That racism was, and is against white people. (To Be Cont)

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