White People Wake

The Missing Link

The “Christian Male” missing in White Nationalism

The massive media formation against the Alt-Right Movement has inspired me to investigate what the matters of contention are between the two sides, as well as what amount of validity there is to this Alt-Right Movement, if any. One of my Elders (and one of the two minister of my official ordination) often taught that me that a good rule of thumb is, “If the world is teaching something, the truth is usually the polar opposite.”

I began researching the “White Nationalist Movement” to discover why the Mainstream Media and many other groups are so threatened by them. They are called by their Enemies names like racists, white supremacists, hateful, too white, the white problem, anti-American and anti-immigrant, to name a few, However, the more I dug into both sides the more I discovered the core issues. These White Nationalists, however ethnocentric in their beliefs, make some valid points that their adversaries refuse to address. One of these points that kept surfacing was “Why are the traditionally predominantly white nations the only targets of forced mass migration. When the majority of the citizens have always been a certain ethnicity and are shouting that they do not want their demographic to change, why are these white nations the only ones being forced to change?”

The narrative on the world stage seems to be an interesting one to say the least. It appears that “the group that is persecuted the most in the world,” according to The Center for the Study of Global Christianity, or CSGC, is CHRISTIANITY. The missing narrative in both groups. CSGC reported that in 2016 and alarming 90,000 Christians were targeted and martyred just for their faith. No other group came close. So I asked my self, where does this fit?It fits into both sides of this Diversity and Anti-Immigration argument. When you discover that all of these migrants are predominantly male, and muslim (90%), and they’re being massively forced into only white (traditionally Christian) nations one would have to be a fool to overlook that obvious. This is an attack on Christianity. The traditional religion of most of these white nations has always been Christianity. The fact that most of these migrants are non-christian, and mostly male (between the ages of 18-35) begs the question, “They are trying to replace the White Christian Male with a non-white, non-christian man.”

The predominately muslim-minded male migrant is extremely hostile to the culture he is being forced to settle in. It is against his beliefs. The European women are considered to him an infidel (non-believer) and a whore. What has been the result in these traditionally white Christian Nations since these migrants have invaded? Devastation, destruction, rape and what many are calling White Genocide.

On the weekend of July 2, gangs of “foreign youth” are reported to have sexually assaulted dozens of women and girls at two music festivals in Sweden. The incidents reportedly occurred at the Bråvalla Festival in Norrköping, and at Karlstad’s free annual Putte i Parken (Party in the Park), where the groups of men reportedly raped five teens and young women and groped some 40 others, the youngest victim just 12 years old.

“‘It was creepy,” one 17-year-old victim told the Daily Mail. “Someone stood around me and groped me and I had no idea who it was. It was sick.”

“They were probably immigrants,” she added. “I hate to say it. But it is the truth.”

Woman Groped by Refugees on Cover of Polish Mag
Blasts ‘Islamic Rape of Europe’ (TruthRevolt.org.02/17.).

These incidents came in the aftermath of a major scandal about “immigrant” groping and sex assaults in Germany at the new year, and earlier incidents in Sweden as well. Indeed, the extent of the sex assaults in Germany, according to a police document leaked to the German press, may be even more stunning than originally thought, with as many as 2,000 young men involved in the aggression. But in both countries the balance between blinding political correctness and outright race-baiting has proved a difficult line for authorities to walk.

Shortly after the Putte i Parken assaults, police also attributed the crimes to “foreign youths” in a statement posted on the Värmland regional police website. “There is no doubt,” the statement read, “about who takes these liberties.”

The perpetrators are then named as “a gang of seven to eight boys belonging to the group of unaccompanied children,” referring to the young male refugees who have arrived in the country without a parent or guardian. (The Daily Beast.07/11/16.).

In summary, The Alt-Right Movement, White Nationalist & White Separatist Movements are not making the connection enough (sometimes they reference it) of the attack on Christian White Males within their traditionally white Christian Countries. When a people groups’ women are targeted, it is the destruction of that people and it is an indirect assault on that people’s men. I for one, will stand up and wake up the Christianity in these groups, even if I have to beg God by name for each of them.

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